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Ford Ranger Bumpers and The Importance of Bumpers on Cars

Your vehicle bumper may seem like an accessory, but in reality, it provides a vital function; protection. Car bumpers are crucial because this is the part of your vehicle that can protect you during a collision. Like Ford Ranger bumpers, for example, these are made with the ability to absorb the impact during low-speed collisions. It promises to help protect you and your vehicle.

Why Car Bumper Is Important?

An auto bumper acts as a shield that is usually made of aluminum, steel, rubber or plastic and it absorbs shocks from car accidents. The purpose of bumpers is to reduce and prevent physical damage to the front and rear of vehicles. According to the experts, the standard for bumper protection is 16 to 20 inches above the road surface regions. The front and rear bumpers should also prevent damage at barrier impact speeds of 2.5 mph across the full width and 1.5 mph on the corners.


 All About the Ford Ranger

Ford Motor Company used “Ford Ranger” on their three model vehicles. The Ford Ranger has been in the market for so many years. It was 1958 when “Ranger” was first used in the Edsel division in 1983, and the Ford F-series also gave the Ranger name to its trucks. The reason why many car owners love the Ford Ranger is that of its sturdiness.

The company is not only focusing on a sturdy and reliable exterior, but they have also given importance to the head engine. Ford Ranger is available in R-hand and L-hand drive. This has become so popular that it overshadowed the other cars in the market. The vehicle is built with strong interiors, and it is complete with modern amenities, and it also has the contemporary car features like the ultrasonic sensors for a safe and luxurious driving experience.

The Ford Ranger Bumpers

Back then, the Ford bumpers were built of hard metal blocks to reduce the damage done to the vehicle. The new bumpers these days are made of a beam, stays, and a fascia and it uses foam as its shock or collision absorber for the bumper to have as little damage as possible. With the advanced technology, the bumpers these days are being made with lightweight carbon fiber. The Ford Ranger bumpers do not only help protect the front and rear end of the vehicle, but it also enhances the appearance of the car.

 Introducing, Ford Ranger 2019!

According to Ford, the all-new Ford Ranger 2019 is the Ranger for your every adventure! Here’s the reason why:

    Tough Tested. The 2019 Ranger is going through different tests to check that it is in true Built Ford Tough fashion before it is making its comeback in the United States.

    Ranger for Every Adventure. The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger comes in different models like the XL, (XL Chrome), STX, XLT, (XLT Chrome, XLT Sport), Lariat, (Lariat Chrome, and Lariat Sport). Now you can choose which would be perfect for your needs and preference.

    All-Terrain Capability. Ford Ranger is not all about the aesthetics. This means that it does not only look sturdy, but it is strong and powerful with its 2.3 L EcoBoost engine and the Auto Start-Stop technology that is was designed to optimize power and efficiency by using a turbocharging and direct gasoline injection. This is also paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

    Driver-Assist Technology. This is the new feature in the all-new 2019 Ranger. The driver-assist technologies will make driving more comfortable and more fun on your next adventure.

●    FordPass Connect. Now, Ranger can take you anywhere but still provide you with an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot where you would be able to connect up to 10 devices to keep your passengers entertained and to stay in touch wherever your next travel will take you. The FordPass Connect hotspot can be accessed even outside the vehicle and up to 50 feet.

The car bumpers should provide the protection and the look that it promises. However, you must remember that the bumpers these days are not as strong as they were back in the day. Let us not sacrifice the build quality even it will cost you more than the generic ones. Safety should be your top priority when buying bumpers for your car.



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