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Nike product origin and its Features

Nike is an American based company that highly recognized worldwide due to their high-quality sports product and many other accessories. Nike products are currently manufactured in a wide variety of colors and styles all around the globe. They are the perfect selection for most professional and famous athletes across the world as well as common daily individuals who intend to make a statement fashion. Nike sneakers are mostly available at any store worldwide that sells diverse footwear.

Currently, Nike Company has employed over 30,000 workers all over the world and additionally it is designing sports clothes and equipment besides footwear. Recently the company was under a thorough inspection regarding the human rights issues and unconducive working condition. It is also estimated that the company made net income nearly $1.9 billion in 2008 

The History of Nike Shoe Company

 Nike is a name which derived from Greek which means Goddess of Victory was founded in the year 1964 by Philip Knight the track athlete and Bill Bowerman of the University of Oregon. Nike was a brainchild of the coach from Oregon University who named as Bill Bowerman. He got a support from Phil Knight is the founder of NIKE Inc. and one of the athletes associate. Both of these partners collaborated their ideas and they establish Nike Company.

 Before then, it was identified by the title Blue-Ribbon-Sport. But today, Nike has remained the ideal option for most athletes all around the globe. As the matter of fact the top ranking current sportsmen, be it in football, soccer, basketball or any other sports prefer Nike shoe than any other footwear brand.

 Probably, the popular swoosh logo is among the most well-known company logo and widely seen displayed all over the world. The original Nike logo was designed back in 1971 by the student who was studying graphic and design at University of Portland State.

This student by the name of Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 for this popular swoosh design. But according to some sources, Carolyn was given a diamond engagement ring with a Nike logo by the co-founder of Nike Company who goes by the name Phil Knight. The interesting fact is that Knight was not impressed with Carolyn’s work. He quotes that he doesn’t like it but it will glow on him.

Nike Footwear Features

Nike footwear comes with many features that make it exceptional from other brands of footwear. Some of these features include:

    Nike footwear gives a perfect flexibility; it is a fact to quote that Nike shoes are an unmatchable product.

    Nike shoes offer a stable support; Nike footwear is designed with solid rubber and a herringbone that adds more support and comfort to the wearer.

    Nike shoes are durable and lightweight; besides giving a stable support, comfort, and flexibility, Nike shoes are typically lightweight. If you purchase a pair of Nike footwear for specific sports purpose, there is a guarantee of durability benefits.

    Nike footwear protects the feet from injury possibilities; this is among the reason Nike footwear has developed in popularity. Nike shoes are designed with remarkable features that protect the foot during sports. It absolutely reduces the probabilities of terrible injuries.

Varieties of Nike footwear models

Every sports shoe has particular styles and design. This is due to a different requirement from a different type of sports. Therefore, whenever you are in the market shopping for Nike footwear, make sure you choose a perfect model which is appropriate for specific sports. There are also Nike footwear particularly for running and walking activities. 

Most people buy Nike footwear even if they don’t participate in any sports activity. They just use them in their mutual dally activities. It is simply because it comes with numerous benefits. Thus, they are considered the best choice for both genders including most kid’s outfits.

When Nike started its operation, it was the acting distributor of Onitsuka Tiger, the Japanese-Shoe-Maker and since then it’s been the leading manufacturer of the best quality products worldwide. Here are some of the best the products and their feature:

The Latest Nike divers Stocks

At West Brothers only comprise the latest Nike style shoes and clothing such as Nike-Air-Max 90, polo, tees, jackets, hats, bags, shorts and socks. It has made them trendiest outfit destination in Australia. You can also look nice and fresh in Nike Cortex, which as brings the world recognized Nike brands from a running track to a street. Nothing gets any better compared to Nike, so you should check out their massive range of the Nike footwear as well as Nike clothing available variety for men, women, and kids.

Women’s Nike-Air-Max

Whenever the product’s name is mentioned, definitely that refers to quality items. For instance, the quality of Nike-Air-Max shoe for women is more than just a sneaker, since they show absolute fashion statement. Regardless of your choice, whether an Ultra essential Nike-Air-Max 90 or a Visible Air through the midsole, you are having a durable sneaker that appears great as it always does.

Nike Swoosh Sneakers

In the history of the most popular sneakers, there is no other compared to Nike Swoosh. These sneakers represent themselves symbolically and in plenty at West Brothers Stores. From an Air-Max LTD range to the importance, West Brothers online stores are equipped with a wide range of colors and styles.

In addition, there is BW, Cortex, and divers’ gang full of the entire best products. These are sneakers that will absolutely blow your mind, all you to do is to just head down to the West Brothers stores and try several pairs and choose the ideal that suits you.


You can as well receive the item at your comfort zone, simply check out West Brothers online stores and make your order. You can a fresh brand look that you deserve through Nike products, so just visit West Brothers in or the hottest Australia fresh range of Nike clothing and footwear.  Shouldn’t be bothered about you shopping can reach since Fast-Express-Shipping is available all over Australia.



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